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Barcode  (Stamile,  2007)-Daylily;Daylilies;CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE;Daylily Barcode;Stamile, 2007 Daylily;Cream Yellow w' Multicolored Eye Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Early Bloom Season Daylily;Perennial
Barcode (Stamile, 2007)

Two Part Harmony  (Kaskel & Trimmer, 1996)-Daylily Two Part Harmony;Kaskel & Trimmer Daylily;Straw Yellow w' Wine Red Eye Daylily;Double Daylily;Daylily Picture;Perennials;Award Winning Daylily;Affordable Daylilies;Early Season Daylily
Two Part Harmony (Kaskel & Trimmer, 1996)

South Sea Enchantment   (Billingslea, 1996)-Daylily South Sea Enchantment;Billingslea Daylily;Rose Pink Self Daylily;Daylily Picture;Perennial;Award Winning Daylily;Affordable Daylilies;Midseason Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Fragrant Daylilies
South Sea Enchantment (Billingslea, 1996)

Apple Swirl   (Harris, Jn., 2002)-CLICK PICTURE;Apple Swirl Daylily;John Harris 2002 Daylily;Ocher w' Dark Lavender Eye Daylily; Unusual Form Daylily;Semi-evergreen Daylily;Diploid Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Midseason Daylily
Apple Swirl (Harris, Jn., 2002)

Accent On Style (Stamile, 2000)
Affair D'Amour (Kirchhoff, D., 2001)
Avis Jean (Wall, 1987)
Awesome Blossom (Salter, 1996)
Beautiful Edgings (Copenhaver, 1989)
Alchemist (Murphy, 2006)
All About Eve (Kirchhoff D., 2000)
Almond Puff (Stamile, 1990)
Angel Cups (Joiner, J., 1996)
Annie Armstrong (Bell, T., 2003)
Apple Swirl (Harris, Jn., 2002)
Art Gallery Fringe (Lambertson, 1998)
Azure Wings (Stamile, 2005)
Baby Boomer (Herrington, T., 1996)
Barbara Mitchell (Pierce, C., 1984)
Bat Signal (Reed, 1996)
Ben's Beacon (Chandler, 1999)
Best Kept Secret (Kirchhoff, D., 1990)
Betty Warren Woods (Munson, R.W., 1987)
Big Kiss (Joiner, 1991)
Black Caesar (Barrere, 1977)
Blue Moon Rising (Salter, E.H., 1991)
Blue-eyed Butterfly (Lambertson, 1996)
Bonbini (Wedgeworth & Pickles, 1995)
Bonnie Corley (Hendricks, W., 1992)
Border Bride (Salter, 1995)
Breed Apart (Salter, E.H., 1996)
Broadway Raves (Stamile, G., 2002)
Brown Witch (Reed, 1999)
Carl Sauer (Roberson, 1982)
Catherine Neal (Carpenter, J., 1981)
Charles Johnston (Gates, L., 1981)
Chief Four Fingers (Roberts, N., 2002)
Classic Edge (Stamile, 1998)
Clean Heart (Arnold, L., 2000)
Crazy Doyle (Townsend, J., 2003)
Daring Dilemma (Salter, 1992)
Dark Wonder (Stamile, 2000)
Desperado Love (Stamile, 1994)
Destined To See (Grace, L., 1998)
Diamond Dusted Borders (Carpenter, J., 2000)
Don't Look Back (Kirchhoff, D., 1998)
Egyptian Ibis (Munson, R.W., 1984)
Emerald Enchantment (Salter, 1990)
Every Gladness (Kirchhoff, D., 2000)
Eye Yi-Yi (McCroskey, 1988)
Fascination Street (Rice, J., 2000)
Fooled Me (Hein, 1990)
Gypsy Rose Lee (Moldovan, 1998)
Hampshire Hoyden (Salter, E.H., 2000)
Happy Hooligan (Talbott, 1992)
Heaven's Portals (Carpenter, J., 2002)
Ida's Magic (Munson, I., 1988)
Imperial Splendor (Salter, J., 1993)
Inca Puzzle (Petit, 2003)
Islesworth (Stamile, 1997)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (Bishop, H., 1990) Four Fans
Jamaican Midnight (Salter, J., 1994)
Jan's Twister (Joiner, J., 1991)
Jaws Of Life (Gossard, 2003)
Jay Turman (Kirchhoff, D., 1992)
Jedi Brenda Spann (Wedgeworth, 1990)
Jessamyn Grace (Roberts, N., 2002)
John Bierman (Spalding, W.,1986)
Kansas Kitten (Carpenter, J., 2002)
Kiss Me Tender (Hansen, 1988)
Lavender Handlebars (Roberts, N., 1994)
Lexington Avenue (Munson, R.W., 1990)
Key To My Heart (Carr, 1999)
Kindly Light (Bechtold, 1949)
Little Business (Maxwell, T., 1971) Four Fans
Look Here Mary (Cranshaw 1986)
Lucky Pierre (Trimmer, 1999)
Making Double Time (Kinnebrew, J., 1995)
Mary Frances Ragain (Carpenter, J., 1993)
Mary's Gold (McDonell, H., 1984)
Mel's Folly (Collins, 1986)
Memories Of Oz (Herrington, K., 2001)
Midnight Magic (Kinnebrew, 1979)
Mississippi Blues (Stamile, 2004)
Missouri Memories (Hansen, 1992)
Mama's Cherry Pie (Shooter, F., 1998)
Moses' Fire (Joiner, 1998)
Mystical Rainbow (Stamile, 1996)
Old King Cole (Moldovan, 1995)
Open My Eyes (Grace, L., 2001)
Orange Velvet (Joiner, 1988)
Orange Vols (Kirby, 1981)
Ornamental Focus (Stamile, 1999)
Ottis' Magic (Houston, 1996)
Passion District (Carr, 1997)
Passion For Red (Stamile, 1994)
Peacock Maiden (Carpenter, K., 1982)
Pearlfisher Pink (Kirchhoff, D., 1995)
Penny Pinsley (Trimmer, 1993)
Persian Ruby (Trimmer, 1998)
Precious Beginnings (Pansing, 1995)
Presumed Innocent (Carr, 1998)
Pumpkin Pie Spice (Joiner, 1997)
Rainbow Candy (Stamile, 1996)
Ransom Note (Carr, 1998)
Raspberry Candy (Stamile, 1992)
Red Velvet Fur (Oakes, 1984)
Red Volunteer (Oakes, 1984)
Renegade Lady (Salter, E.H., 1990)
Rose Emily (Pierce, C., 1982)
Royal Elk (Lake, 1957)
Royal Hunter (Salter, 2002)
Ruby Spider (Stamile, 1991)
Scarlet Orbit (Gates, L., 1984)
Scatterbrain (Joiner, 1988)
Schnickel Fritz (Kirchhoff, D., 1996)
Silken Touch (Stamile, 1990)
Siloam Double Classic (Henry, P., 1985)
Siloam Double Rose (Henry, P., 1979)
Siloam Stinnett's Delight (Henry, P., 1992)
Small Gesture (Stamile, G., 1997)
Song of Solomon (Peck, 1971)
Sound Of Cannons (Sellers, 1993)
South Sea Enchantment (Billingslea, 1996)
Spider Web (Tanner, M., 1975)
Spin Art (Bell, 2003)
Star Of India (Roberts, P., 1992)
Stella De Oro (Jablonski, 1975) Four Fans
Steve Trimmer (Trimmer, 1999)
Stolen Treasure (Dougherty, 1996)
Storm Chaser (Joiner, 2002)
Street Urchin (Kirchhoff, D., 1992)
Sugar Cookie (Apps, 1983)
Taken By Storm (Salter, 1993)
Thing Of Beauty (Terry, 1993)
Three Wishes (Threewitts, 1989)
Timeless Treasure (Kirchhoff, D., 1988)
Tooth (Hansen, D., 2000)
Topaz Butter (Kirchhoff, D., 1989)
Tristan's Treat (Netherton, J., 2004)
Two Part Harmony (Kaskel & Trimmer, 1996)
Two to Tango (Stamile, G., 1996)
Vanilla Fluff (Joiner, 1988)
Victorian Days (Munson, R.W., 1992)
Victorian Lace (Stamile, 1999)
Wally (Howard, T., 1991)
Web Of Intrigue (Stamile, 1999)
Wilson Spider (Oakes, 1987)
Winged Migration (Lambertson, 2003)
Winston Churchill (Trimmer, 2003)
Wiregrass Greenstar (Cooper, E., 1993)
Wiregrass Starquake (Cooper, E., 1992)
Zinfandel (Kirchhoff, D., 1980)
Core Values (Hansen, D. 2011)
Black Eyed Bully (Miner, 2006)
Bali Watercolor (Stamile, 2002)
Caribbean Double Cinnamon (Talbott, 1994)
Carnival Mask (Scott, E., 2005)
Courting Trouble (Salter, 2002)
Denali (Stamile, 1997)
Dragon Dreams (Salter, E.H., 1991)
Evelyn Gates (Gates, L., 1997)
Eye In The Sky (Collins, T., 1999)
Francois Verhaert (Stamile, 2001)
Invitation To Immortality (Kirchhoff, D., 2000)
Karen's Curls (Reinke, 1997)
Lavender Blue Baby (Carpenter, J., 1996)
Lavender Deal (Kirby & Oakes, 1981)
Layers Of Gold (Kirchhoff, D., 1990)
Loch Ness Monster (Couturier, C., 1992)
Lone Wolf (Grace & Smith, 2004)
Lord Of Rings (Moldovan, 1996)
Magic Carpet Ride (Kirchhoff, 1992)
Malaysian Monarch (Munson, R.W., 1986)
Medicine Feather (Roberts, N., 2001)
Thin Man (Trimmer, 2002)
Moon Water (Shooter, 2000)
Moonlight Orchid (Talbott, 1986)
Mountain Almond (Billingslea, 1991)
On The Web (Lambertson, 1998)
Outrageous Fortune (Stamile, 2001)
Parade Of Peacocks (Oakes, 1990)
Passion In Paris (Petit, 2002)
Purple Pinwheel (Kennedy, 1985)
All American Chief (Sellers, 1994)
Sanford Show Girl (Kirchhoff, D., 1989)
Slap Me Sassy (Petit, 2004)
Smiling Ladies (Arnold, L., 2001)
Starman's Quest (Burkey, 1989)
Swedish Girl (Sims, L., 1987)
Tigereye Spider (Reed, 1994)
Velvet Rose (Stamile, 1992)
You Angel You (Stamile, G., 1993)
Brooklyn Twist (Lambertson, 1998)
Coed Shannon Cook (Cook, R., 1988)
Harbor Blue (Lake, 1961)
Which Way (Stamile, 2005)
Hot Scheme (Salter, E.H., 1997)
Mister Lucky (Sellers, 1995)
Sarah Joy (Boykin, 1997)
Screen Pattern (Stamile, 2005)
Pugsley (Trimmer, J., 2000)
Singular Sensation (Stamile, 2004)
Javanese Jewel (Carpenter, J., 2001)
Blue-eyed Curls (Lambertson, 2000)
Fuchsia Fashion (Webster, 1988)
Blue Oasis (Salter, E. H., 2002)
Root Beer Truffle (Kirchhoff, D., 2001)
Coffee To Go (Anderson, H., 2003)
Popeye The Sailor (Hansen, D., 2008)
Rock Solid (Stamile, 2002)
All American Tiger (Stamile, 1995)
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection (Kinnebrew, J. 1998)
Hank Williams (Grace & Smith 2004)
Tar And Feather (Kaskel, 1999)
String Theory (Trimmer, J., 2005)
Manx (Petit , 2008)
Strider Spider (Durio, 1998)
Eternal Warrior (Salter, 2003)
Quack Fire (Eller, 2005)
Poly Parrot (Morse, 2007)
Emerald Splendor (Wilson, T., 1993)
Ruby Sunday (Gaskins, 2004)
God Save The Queen (Morss, 2005)
Discarded Beauty (Trimmer, J. 2009)
Droopy Drawers (Murphy, J.P., 2005)
Marion Tyus (Eller, N., 2005)
Tutti Frutti Cupcake (Herrington, T., 2009)
Myth And Magic (Adams, P., 2000)
Lava Flow (Smith, FR. 2005)
Magnificent Hummingbird (Lambertson 2004)
Lavender Dixie Road (Reinke, B., 2001)
Catherine Smith (Reed 2008)
Altered State (Carr, 1997)
Biloxi Star Glow (Ingram, 2010)
Gavin Petit Petit, (2004)
Lemonberry Truffle (Kirchhoff, D., 2000)
Rosemary Whitacre (Roberts, N., 1999)
Champagne Day (Pryor, J., 2002)
Grace's Gift (Netherton, 2004)
Peppermint Twizzler (George, T. 2004)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Stamile, 1997)
Increased Complexity (Gossard, 2006)
Tarpon Back (Baker, C., 2003)
Rockabilly Rebel (Morry 2008)
Country French (Trimmer, J., 2011)
Autumn Wood (Dougherty, H. 1991)
Daringly Different (Maryott 2012)
Jane Trimmer (Trimmer, 2002)
Heavenly Starfire (Gossard, 2001)
Scouts Honor (Trimmer, J. 2008)
Mary My Love (Netherton, J., 2014)
Darya (Stamile, 2003)
Truffle Mania (Kirchhoff, D., 2003)
Theresa Atwater (Moore, 2008)
Facepaint (Stamile, 2006)
Banana Smoothie (George, T., 2006)
King Kahuna (Crochet, 1994)
Lotus Position (Rice, J. 2007)
Water Drops (Stamile, 2007)
Tuscawilla Snowdrift (Hansen, 2000)
Moana Gloria May (Higgins, 1999)
Long Stocking (Stamile, 1997)
J.T.Davis (Grace, L., 1999)
Joy And Laughter (Kirchhoff, D., 1995)
Barcode (Stamile, 2007)
Till The End Of Time (Carpenter, J., 2005)
Signature Truffle (Kirchhoff, D., 2004)
Suburban Hazel Watts (Watts, 2011)
Amanda's Little Red Shoes (Eller, N., 2004)
Sandi Coleman (Eller, 2008)
On The Wing (Lambertson, 2008)
Suburban Nancy Gayle (Watts, 2004)
Zoe Allegra (Petit, 2008)
Sweet Cynthia (Netherton, 2005)
Circus Truffle, (Kirchhoff, D. 2008)
Ladybug's Louise (Hansen, 1991)
Double Image (Stamile, 2002)
Ginny Mitchell (Mitchell, K. 2003)
Debary Canary (Stamile, 2006)
Casual Pleasure (Gates, L., 1985)
Frills And Fancies (Joiner, J., 1996)
Wild Wookie (Stamile, 2002)
Ruffles Have Ripples (Petit, 2009)
Larry Allen Miller (Stamile, 2005)
Sidewinder Oh Seven (Hansen, 2003)
Static (Stamile, 2006)
Aunt Leona (Smith, FR., 2006)
Spacecoast Irish Illumination (Kinnebrew, J., 2008)
Sentinel Solar Burst (Little, H., 2002)
Lavender Cascades (Carpenter, J., 2002)
Treva Gene (Eller, N., 2005)
Candy Corn (Netherton, J., 2007)
Got Attitude Grace, L., (2013)
Beaded Light (Gossard, 2003)
Great Balls Of Fire (Harry, 2010)
Springfield Clan (Trimmer, J., 2001)

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