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Mark's Bouquet  (Agosta  2006)-Daylily;Daylillies;Daylilies;Mark's Bouquet Daylily;Agost 2006 Daylily;Yellow Overlaid w' Red Dots & Eye Above Green Throat Daylily;Award Winning Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Perennials
Mark's Bouquet (Agosta 2006)

Stolen Treasure  (Dougherty, 1996)-Daylily Stolen Treasure;Dougherty Daylily;Pink Bitone w' Cream Border Daylily;Daylily Picture;Perennial;Award Winning Daylily;Early Midseason Daylily;Dormant Daylily
Stolen Treasure (Dougherty, 1996)

Apple Swirl   (Harris, Jn., 2002)-CLICK PICTURE;Apple Swirl Daylily;John Harris 2002 Daylily;Ocher w' Dark Lavender Eye Daylily; Unusual Form Daylily;Semi-evergreen Daylily;Diploid Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Midseason Daylily
Apple Swirl (Harris, Jn., 2002)

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Tamara Bauer Saturday September 18, 2021
The daylilies arrived today and they were in great shape- large, green and healthy. Thank you for the bonus! My flowerbed was ready so I managed to get them planted this afternoon. Can't wait for spring/summer blooms!
From: Shelley, ID

KATHY HARGROVE Tuesday April 6, 2021
I want to say thank you to Sharon for all the help with my many questions before ordering. Thank you for being so patient with me! I ordered several daylilies and received them this past Saturday. They looked really healthy and nice sized plants. I have already planted them and cannot wait to see them bloom! The customer service is excellent!!! Highly recommend!

Bill McIntyre Friday April 2, 2021
Just received my order for Victorian Lace!! Very timely and in good condition! Glad to order from southern gardens.
From: Bossier City, LA

Carli Dunn Speigner Wednesday March 31, 2021
Thank you so much for these daylilies!!! They arrived less than an hour ago and are currently soaking. So impressed by the quality and cannot wait to see their beautiful faces! So blessed to see the tract-thank you for honoring Him! He consistently show me His love through people like you who strive to share Him!
From: Geneva, AL

Barbara Wagner Friday April 19, 2019
Received the daylilies thank you for fresh, healthy plants and the bonus. I appreciated your witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. He is Lord of my life and when I walk through my flower garden I give Him praise for all the beauty He created.
From: Corryton, TN

Carolyn Simpson Friday April 5, 2019
Sharon, Happy Hooligan arrived yesterday in fine shape. The scapes with blooms looked perfect. I am so happy!!! What fans, huge, tiny bit of yellowing on a few leaves but I can not thank you enough. He/She/It is already in the ground and I am hoping for a bloom this season. Thank you for packing it in the large box to preserve those scapes which you would never know from looking at them that the plant had been dug. So happy, Thanks.
From: Columbia, TN

David and Doris Bishop Wednesday April 3, 2019
Your DL shipment came today. Thanks for the extra fans. Everything was in great shape.
From: Cartersville, GA

Pam Hightower Monday April 16, 2018
Thank you very much for the very healthy plants and the bonus plant. They arrived in perfect condition! I can't wait until they bloom! Thank You!
From: Homer, LA

Mary L. Allison Friday April 6, 2018
Thank you for the wonderful daylilies. They came yesterday in great shape. Thanks for sending such big fans and extra fans and for Apple Swirl. God's blessings to you, your family and your business.
From: Port Lavaca, TX

Karen Duke Thursday April 20, 2017
Received my Daylilies just now! How beautifully packaged, and the fans are so much prettier than any I have ordered before. What a beautiful idea to put the extra message of "Our Wonderful Savior" in the box along with them!!! Thank you also for the Free one. I can't wait to look it up to see what it looks like. Thank you, thank you, for your advice, your patience with me, and all your help!!!! They will be planted today! God Bless!!
From: Gordonsville, TN

John Bales Thursday April 7, 2016
I recvd my plants Myth & Magic this morning and wanted to comment what beautiful plants they are. Best looking fans I've recvd in a long time. I'm giving them a little soak and will plant a little later today after the sun is lower since they'll go on west side of house. Look forward to ordering from you in future!
From: Lewisville,AR

Linda Gunn Saturday May 10, 2014
My daylilies arrived Friday PM in good condition. The packaging was impeccable, just as it was last year. The fans were generously sized and the bonus plant showed you were paying attention to the type of daylilies I was looking for. Thank you so much. You've become my tried and true lily source.
From: Groves, TX

Mrs. James Baum Friday September 27, 2013
I just got the plants and they look good. Thank you very much. I hope they will enjoy growing in my yard with many others. Sincerely, Mrs. Baum
From: Demorest, GA

Mike Egan Thursday September 26, 2013
The plants arrived this afternoon and they are in the garden already. I was very impressed with the large healthy plants. Even an unexpected bonus daylily tagged Wally! Thanks, Mike
From: Littleton, NH

Suzanne Light Monday May 28, 2012
First time customer. Fans came in healthy with a good root system. Can't wait for them to bloom. And thank you for the bonus plant. Looking forward to doing business again when I can find more room to put more plants
From: Buffalo, NY

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