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Viva Glam Girl  (Marchant  2011)-Daylily;Daylilies;Day Lilly,CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE PICTURE; Viva Glam Girl Daylily;Marchant 2011 Daylily;Award Winning Daylily;Salmon Cream Pink w' Pink Eye & Partial Picotee Edge Daylily;Double Daylily;Unusual Form Crispate Daylily;Perenial Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies
Viva Glam Girl (Marchant 2011)

Peppermint Twizzler  (George, T.  2004)-Daylily;Daylilies;Day Lily;Daylily Peppermint Twizzler;George, T. 2004 Daylily;Cream w' Rose Red Edge Above Green Throat Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Unusual Form Daylily;Extended Blooming Time Daylilies
Peppermint Twizzler (George, T. 2004)

Persian Ruby  (Trimmer, 1998)-Daylily Persian Ruby;Trimmer Daylily;Ruby Red Self Daylily;Award Winning Daylily;Perennial;Early To Midseason Daylilies;Tetraploid Daylily;Dormant Daylily
Persian Ruby (Trimmer, 1998)

Mama's Cherry Pie (Shooter, F., 1998)-Daylily Mama's Cherry Pie;F.Shooter Daylily;Cherry Red w' Yellow Edge & Deeper Red Eye Daylily;Award Winning Daylily;Perennial;Midseason Daylily;Reblooming Daylilies;Affordable Daylilies;Tetraploid Daylily;Semi-evergreen Daylily
Mama's Cherry Pie (Shooter, F., 1998)

Welcome to In The Neighborhood Daylilies!


Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.  Psalm 68:19


       Wow!  Thank you to all of our wonderful 2022 customers who gave us another super year as a website business!!!  We have shipped orders now to 47 out of the lower 48 states and all arrived safely!  You all have been a blessing to us and we look forward to helping you again this year, as well as meeting new friends too!!! 


       We have been collecting daylilies since the year 2000 and have over 700 daylily cultivars.  We have been selling our extra daylilies since 2003.  Our daylily sales have been from local customers and since November, 2004, our Ebay customers, and now our 2010 through 2022 website customers too!  We have shipped daylilies from Maine to California and from Minnesota to Texas and Florida for the past eighteen years.  We look forward to shipping daylilies to you also!  We hope that you will enjoy the website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you in any way we can. In the Daylily Catalog Categories you can enlarge each daylily picture by clicking on it which will also give you all the details on that daylily including a button for ordering. 


     All of our daylily prices are for double fans unless otherwise noted.  Randy and I do all of our own digging, washing, packaging, and shipping.  We guarantee our daylilies to be healthy and true

 to name.  If you are not satisfied with your plants, DO NOT PLANT them or remove the tags, simply contact us by e-mail and send the daylilies back immediately for a replacement or refund.   


       Our daylily gardens are inspected by the Alabama Department of Agriculture. We are a southern garden and have had rust here.  We spray for rust when we see it, but we do not spray constantly.  We want healthy plants and people!  We will spray for rust the whole month prior to shipping.  The daylilies will be as disease free as possible, but we cannot guarantee them to be totally rust free.


       We ship all our daylilies by USPS Priority Mail with Deliverydaylilies-ITN Confirmation.  This year we will ship to all of the lower 48 states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA AND ARIZONA.  We do not accept International orders at this time.  We will begin receiving orders immediately for spring shipment with shipping starting Tuesday, March 28, through Tuesday, June 13, 2023.  We ship daylily orders on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

     Shipping will be $8.00 plus $2.00 per plant.  Please order early for some daylily cultivars are in short supply.  There is no minimum order required.  Extra daylily fans or bonus plants will be included with daylily orders of over $30.00 not including shipping costs.  You may pay for your daylily order by check, money order, or Paypal.  Payment in full is due with your order form.  Please make checks and money orders payable to Randy or Sharon Pilcher.

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